Re: Gnopernicus, Festival, VMware and getting it all working

On Sun, 2006-03-26 at 10:53 -0500, Al Puzzuoli wrote:
> I  have also been testing with VMware, as well as real boxes, running Fedora 
> 5, and the latest Ubuntu flight releases.
> one interesting point is that I am seeing the exact same issue you are 
> experiencing with festival under VMware, and I am uncertain as to why this 
> is the case.  I have not tried freTTs, but I have had good results in a 
> Fedora VM with both Software Dec, as well as TTSynth, formerly ViaVoice.  I 
> purchased a prerelease version of TTSynth a few months back from Capital 
> Accessibility.  The synthesizer itself works quite well and is very 
> responsive; However, I  am becoming concerned by a seeming lethargy on the 
> part of IBM to actually roll out a release version.  The current prerelease 

The "prerelease" is the status of how Capital Accessibility is
repackaging IBM TTS 6.7.  :-)

LSB specified RPM packages should be sufficient for anyone to install;
however, I believe Capital Accessibility was considering deb packages
for Debian. 

> package is only distributed as rpms, and it is fairly simple to get it up 
> and running on any RedHat based box.  However, I  have been unable to obtain 
> any documentation as to how the synthesizer could be used under other 
> distros, such as Ubuntu.

Please cross post any additional IBM TTS discussions to ibmtts-sdk-
discuss lists sourceforge net


George (gk4)

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