Re: a gnopernicus problem

On Sat, 2006-03-11 at 21:42, MICHAEL WEAVER wrote:


Try to run 'test-speech' tester if present. when you have no speech
check if TTS is still present in memory (festival (?) in your case). If
it is, kill all festival related processes.

Just to be sure, do you hear any message(s) from gnopernicus (at least
'welcome to gnopernicus')?


> A chap from my Linux User group helped me install Ubuntu on my laptop and 
> managed to grab Gnopernicus from Ubuntu's main reposotory.
> However while exploring my system, Gnopernicus stopped speaking and it kept 
> coming up with a message about speech being unavailable.
> I was told to try and boot into Linux and see if this problem disappeared 
> but it didn't.
> I am still getting the message that speech is unavailable.
> As I haven't yet got a keypad for my laptop, he was having to do the slow 
> way with the FN key, I think it is FN and scroll key or Insert key to try 
> and access the commands.
> Could a file have got corrupted?
> Will I have to get the chap who installed it to do a re-install of the whole 
> system?
> I am hoping my laptop will have a USB port as I have read that numeric 
> keypads are attached via USB. 
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