Re: Selecting gnome-speech drivers

gnome-speech merely offers up a system for selecting/activating known speech drivers, with no particular speech driver being the 'default.' It is up to the assistive technology to decide what to do with them. To make sure your system is configured with the speech dispatcher driver correctly, you can run the gnome-speech 'test-speech' (/usr/bin/test-speech) application. If a gnome- speech driver doesn't work with it, the gnome-speech driver will not work with the screen reader.

I understand that, but what I'm not certain of is how orca would know to use speech-dispatcher instead of festival. Both drivers show up when test-speech is run. Does orca have facilities for selecting among multiple speech drivers from orca-setup?

If a gnome-speech driver is *functional* (e.g., it not only shows up with test-speech, but you can actually use it and make it speak with test-speech), then orca-setup should offer it as an option. If the driver is not functional, Orca doesn't waste your time with it. Once you have chosen the driver and voice, orca-setup stores your choice in ~/.orca/ If you want to change your choice in the future, you can rerun orca-setup.

NOTE: the orca-setup script is merely a place holder until we get a more functional preferences GUI in place. We realize the orca-setup script is cumbersome and awkward, but it is throwaway code and we don't want to spend valuable time on it.

I see that there is Festival info in my Is this being grabbed directly from gnome-speech and, if so, does it indicate an incorrect gnome-speech setup on my system? The correct libgnomespeech is showing up in 'ldconfig -p', and I added the path to the speech servers to my bonobo-activation config. Is there something else that I might be missing?

Looks like something odd may have happened when you ran orca-setup the first time. Is is possible you chose Festival the first time you ran orca-setup?

In any case, without sitting behind your machine, I can only guess that something is going awry with your gnome-speech setup. Try running gnome-speech's test-speech application and make sure you can actually make your driver choice speak.


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