See Sun at CSUN: sessions on Orca, ODF accessibility, Java & GNOME Accessibility

Sun Microsystems, Inc. returns to the CSUN Conference on Technology
and Persons with Disabilities at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel
later this month, March 20-25, 2006.

This year we will premier Orca, the open source scripting screen reader
for Solaris, GNU/Linux, and UNIX systems running GNOME.  In addition to
showing the features of Orca and its functionality with common applications,
we will show you how to write scripts for Orca in our two sessions on Orca.

We are also delighted to be taking part in a panel discussion of Open
Document Format (ODF) Accessibility.  ODF is an increasingly popular,
standard file format for office productivity applications, and is being
adopted by a growing number of companies, organizations, and government
agencies worldwide.  The Executive Branch of Commonwealth of Massachusetts
is one of those moving to ODF, and in addition to accessibility experts from Sun and IBM, the Director of the Massachusetts Office on Disability
Myra Berloff will also participate in this two hour panel.  At the panel
session we will also demonstrate the current state of the art in
accessibility to ODF with StarOffice/ and assistive technologies on both Windows and UNIX systems.

As in years past, we will discuss and demonstrate the latest in Java and
GNOME accessibility topics.  Our presentation will include demonstrations of
Windows assistive technologies support for the Java platform, and also will
highlight some of the new accessibility features in the soon-to-be-released
GNOME 2.14.  We also have some news to share on delivering Windows
accessibility solutions via our thin-client SunRay products.

We also invite you to visit us at our booth in the Houston room of the
Marriott Hotel.  In our booth we will be featuring Fonix DECtalk software
text-to-speech for Solaris, and also the Elluminate Live Java-based
electronic learning application. Of course, you can also explore Orca, our UNIX accessibility solutions, and the latest in Java technology
accessibility and access to Java applications from the Microsoft Windows

On behalf of Sun Microsystems,

Peter Korn
Sun Microsystems Accessibility team
access sun com


    CSUN Conference on Technology and Persons with Disabilities
             Wednesday & Thursday March 22-23th, 2006
       Atlanta room of the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel

Sun hosted sessions

Wednesday 10:40-11:40am
Topics in Java & GNOME Accessibility
The latest in Java and GNOME accessibility.  This will include
StarOffice/, Dolphin's Supernova, and GNOME 2.14
accessibility and accessible apps on Solaris.

Presenters: - Lynn Monsanto, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    - Peter Korn, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Thursday 1:45-2:45pm
Orca: a Scriptable Open Source Screen Reader
Using common office productivity applications, Sun Microsystems will
demonstrate the capabilities of Orca, a freely available open source
screen reader for the GNOME platform.

Presenters: - Mike Pedersen, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    - Willie Walker, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Thursday 3:05-4:05pm
Writing Custom Scripts for Orca
Orca is an open source screen reader for the GNOME platform.  This
presentation will teach attendees how to extend Orca by writing their own custom scripts.

Presenter: - Willie Walker, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Other Presentations of Interest

Thursday 10:40am-12:30pm
Open Document Format Accessibility - panel discussion
Panel discussion about the accessibility of Open Document Format (ODF).
Governments and institutions are increasingly standardizing on ODF.
This panel will look at what works and what still needs work in ODF
accessibility - with demos on Windows & UNIX.  There will be time for
questions and discussion.

    - Myra Berloff, Director, Massachusetts Office on Disability
    - Peter Korn, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    - Janina Sajka, Chair, Free Standards Group Accessibility Workgroup
    - Rich Schwerdtfeger, IBM
    - Malte Timmermann, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Thursday 4:25-5:25pm
Two Approaches to GNOME Accessibility
A report on NC State's efforts to deliver campus-wide remote-access accessibility. Two solutions with UNIX/Linux and GNOME: text on the client & Media Application Server.

Presenters: - Sina Bahram, North Carolina State University
    - Mike Grace, North Carolina State University
    - Peter Korn, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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