Re: Gnopernicus and the new ubuntu installer

Bram Duvigneau wrote:
Gnopernicus is running quite well from the cd, but I had to do a few
steps to get the installer talking:

- - - Launch gnopernicus
- - - Enable assistive technology support
- - - Log out and in again
- - - Launch gnopernicus from terminal, otherwise gnome-panel crshes
- - - Get a root shell with sudo -s
- - - Launch gnopernicus from there to ge taccess to the installer

So far so good, but when I get to the screen where I can select my
location, I'm getting stuck on the combobox of citties. I selected
English as system language, therefor I'm only getting citties in the
usa. I tried everything, but I couldn't get to citties in Europe. Does
someone know how to manage this? Maybe it's also a good idea to change
this in future versions to something easier to use for the blind,
because this isn't really friendly for new blind linux users.
Hi Bram,

Thanks for testing and providing this work-around.

I've added your description to this page:

The Ubiquity installer is basically a very new piece of software with several rough edges. Well done in getting it to work with speech at all using the sudo command. Our goal is obviously to provide a trouble free install path where everything 'just works' as expected. This kind of testing is very valuable in that regard. This is our first attempt ad doing it though, so we expect to have a more polished offering in the October/November release.

It would also be useful if you could file a bug about the city combo-box here:


- Henrik

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