Re: problem starting gnopernicus

Hello, Michael.

There was a 22 year old girl trying to install Orca for me but she couldn't find where the Ubuntu package was downloaded.

In order to download and install the orca package you must uncomment the universe lines from your apt package sources list. Then while connected to the web apt-get install orca will do it. However, the Ubuntu packages are not always up to date. You will best be served by compiling from orca source.

I am trying to get Gnopernicus working in order to find the file for setting up Orca but although Gnopernicus has been checked on Start up, it doesn't seem to automatically launch after loggin and my way of running Gnopernicus doesn't seem to be working even when I leave the drive on my laptop to churn away for a few minutes before pressing
for example Alt F1.

Michael, I have noticed if you have system sounds turned on and gnopernicus tries to load the gnome sounds will interupt gnopernicus and orca, and they will crash on startup. Try turning off the gnome system sounds for events.

If I try to run Gnopernicus using alt F2 and typing Gnopernicus, the Gnome pannel crashes.
How can I get around these problems?

This is a well known bug. You can't launch gnopernicus or orca directly from run. Your two solutions is either run gnopernicus from a gnome-terminal Window, or create a gnome-session which launches the screen reader automaticly upon log in.
Note if gnopernicus is trying to run already and attempting to launch it manually will fail.
However, to launch gnopernicus manually
press alt++f2
type gnome-terminal followed by enter
type gnopernicus

Also what filename do I need to look for for the Orca setup?

Orca is contained in the package gnome-orca-version.i386.deb

However, to run orca setup you must be running 0.2.5 or later. The version on most of the Ubuntu mirrors in packages is 0.2.2. Although, I have heard some one has a 0.2.5 package they specially built for users such as yourself.

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