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When you want to build gnome-speech to get the freetts synthesis driver, you may need to specify:

--with-java-home=PATH - path to the top level directory for java (from your JDK install)

--with-jab-dir=PATH - path to the directory containing gnome-java-bridge.jar (from java-access-bridge)

--with-freetts-dir=PATH - path to the directory containing freetts.jar (from FreeTTS)

The resulting /usr/bin/freetts-synthesis-driver will look for the components based upon this configuration. In addition, it will look for the java binary using the following logic (cut/pasted from the freetts-synthesis-driver script):

# Find Java.  This first checks to see if the user has JAVA_HOME
# set and uses that if possible.  It then checks for the JAVA
# that was used as part of the ./configure and build and uses
# that if possible.  Finally, it falls back onto whatever the
# system has in place.  Arguably, one might want to use what
# is on the system, but some systems ship Java platform
# implementations that do not work (e.g., gcj on RedHat), so
# they're better off tried last.

Hope this helps, and I hope my "intelligent" mail application didn't obfuscate this message in its attempt to help me out,


PS - for any "configure," you should be able to run "./configure --help" to get a list of options. In many cases, the documentation might as well have been written in Martian, but it sometimes helps.

Aditya Kumar Pandey wrote:

I work on Fedora Core 4 personally and have compiled java-access-bridge before.

Assuming that you installed jdk1.5.0_02, you would have to do the following
export JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk1.5.0_02/
export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH

If you intend to compile java-access-bridge for making freetts, then
you might also have to play around with CLASSPATH and add all the jar
files like freetts.jar, jsapi.jar, freetts-synthesis-driver.jar, and
directories for JAVA_HOME/lib, JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext.

On 2/28/06, Peter Korn <Peter Korn sun com> wrote:
Hi Bertil,
I'm trying to install java-access-bridge on Fedora core 4. Since it
odesn't seem to be happy with the installed java version, I've
installed j2sdk1.4.2 from Sun. After doing this, I'm able to run the
configure script of java-access-bridge without any problems. However,
when I try to compile, i get the following message:

/bin/sh: jar: command not found

Some bright ideas would be very much appreciated.
'jar' should be in the same place as your newly installed 'java';
somewhere like /usr/jdk/j2sdk1.4.2/bin/ or some such - wherever your Sun
JVM went...  It'd probably be best to put that in your path ahead of the
default installed Java.


Peter Korn
Accessibility Architect,
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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Aditya Kumar Pandey
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