Re: Gnome question

Quoting Dana Olson <dana ubuntustudio com>:

Will Gnome have some method to disable Slow Keys from constantly
popping up when you hold down a key for a few seconds? The most
annoying part about it is that it doesn't seem to remember that I set
it to 0, and when it pops up, it activates automatically, and THEN
asks me if I want it activated or not. In fact, I don't even want it
to pop up at all. But I can't disable it, at least not without
disabling Mouse Keys, which I currently rely on. Maybe I am missing
something, but I think there are several design flaws with this
"feature," especially the shoot first, ask questions later part.

I'm not entirely sure, I haven't got a lot of experience with the keyboard
accessbility features built into GNOME.

I have CC'ed your email to the GNOME A11y list, someone there should better be
able to help you.


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