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On Tue, 2006-02-21 at 01:21, Davyd Madeley wrote:
> Quoting Dana Olson <dana ubuntustudio com>:
> > Will Gnome have some method to disable Slow Keys from constantly
> > popping up when you hold down a key for a few seconds? 

You can turn this off from the Keyboard Accessibility preferences
dialog.  As you point out, this currently turns off MouseKeys as well,
which is a mis-feature.  I've already filed a bug about this
but there seemed to be some resistance to implementing the change.

The correct behavior would be to get rid of the "Enable keyboard
accessibility features" checkbox, and instead, add a "Enable keyboard
shortcuts for SlowKeys and StickyKeys" checkbutton to the "Basic" page
of the dialog.  That would map properly onto the XKB feature set,
whereas the current dialog doesn't.

Best regards,


> The most
> > annoying part about it is that it doesn't seem to remember that I set
> > it to 0, and when it pops up, it activates automatically, and THEN
> > asks me if I want it activated or not. In fact, I don't even want it
> > to pop up at all. But I can't disable it, at least not without
> > disabling Mouse Keys, which I currently rely on. Maybe I am missing
> > something, but I think there are several design flaws with this
> > "feature," especially the shoot first, ask questions later part.
> I'm not entirely sure, I haven't got a lot of experience with the keyboard
> accessbility features built into GNOME.
> I have CC'ed your email to the GNOME A11y list, someone there should better be
> able to help you.
> --d
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