Re: Problem with gnopernicus and dectalk

On Mon, Feb 13, 2006 at 08:57:24AM EST, Alastair Irving wrote:
> I have just installed gnopernicus and software dectalk.  However, I'm
> not getting any speech.  The dectalk is working correctly, and when I do
> test-speech it also works correctly.  However, when I go to change the
> synthesisor to dectalk, (by going preferences, speech, voices, select
> absolute voice), the only server listed is gnome speech festival.  Does
> anyone have any idea why this is?  Surely if test-speech sees the
> software dectalk, then so should gnopernicus, or do they search for
> servers differently?  

Would you mind telling us what distribution you are using, and what you 
did to get software DEctalk set up with gnome-speech and gnopernicus?
Luke Yelavich
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