FW: Question about Gnopernicus.

Let me explain once again.
The problem is
When ever I typed or read the text I am not able to figure out
whether a letter is upper case or lower case.
When I use emacspeak I am able to get this information.
In simple words How should I get information about case of a letter?
I am using Fedora core2.
Hope to hear from you.

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On Mon, 2006-02-06 at 17:27, Satyam wrote:


> Dear list,
> I am a new member for this list, Gnopernicus and Linux.
> While working gedit using Gnopernicus, I found that it is not giving
> information about text that is read out.
> I am not able figure out whether a letter is capital letter / small
> How should I  figure out this?
> Should I go for latest version of Gnopernicus/ gnome?
> I am using Fedora core2.
> Hope to hear from you.
> Satyam.

This information is available if you'll press key "5" from numpad when
in layer 0. NUMLOCK must be ON.

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