Re: FW: Question about Gnopernicus.

hello Satyam,

on Sunday, 12th Feb. 2006 at 09:13 wrote Satyam:

> Hi,
> Let me explain once again.
> The problem is
> When ever I typed or read the text I am not able to figure out
> whether a letter is upper case or lower case.
> When I use emacspeak I am able to get this information.
> In simple words How should I get information about case of a letter?
> I am using Fedora core2.

As far I remember there was a discussion a flew month ago on this List
about this topic.
As far I remember at this time Gnopernicus was unable to tell your wether a Letter was uppercase or

Please look in the archiv of this list for more information.

I'm afraid I can't tray out myself ether Gnopernicus can tell the
different between an uppercase or a lowercase letter because I don't
have installed Gnopernicus yet.

Best regards


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