Re: Feature Request: double-clics in oOo writter


Yannick PLASSIARD, le Tue 19 Dec 2006 09:10:06 +0100, a écrit :
> 2) In Gnome-Terminal, do you think it can be possible to replace the 
> "click" action of the routing cursor by inserting escape codes to make 
> the cursor jump to what we want ? It would be useful for example , using 
> Emacs or some kind of Console editor within a X terminal.

Do you know that you can use brltty for accessing gnome-terminal?
Just run

WINDOWPATH=7 brltty -b ba -x as

in your X session. It will use AtSpi for accessing gnome-terminal and
BrlAPI for connecting to your usual brltty daemon.

That said, the abovementioned feature would be nice to have in orca as


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