Re: Is Debian appropriate for accessibility?

Kenny Hitt <kenny hittsjunk net> writes:

> Debian can be accessible, but I found I had to build packages from source
> to get things working.  What I found was either badly out dated packages
> for some things needed for accessibility, or main stream Debian 
> simply doesn't have a package for a needed lib or app.

Please, could you back up your argument with any hard facts?
I am well aware that Debian is lacking Orca (and maybe LSR),
but I am not aware of any other deficiencies right now.

> I've had problems getting Orca to work in Main stream Debian, but it
> just works in Debian based distros like Ubuntu.

"Problems" is not very helpful if someone were to improve the situation for you.
Did you file any bug reports?

> Also, due to Debian's long release cycles, you end up with outdated
> software even if you run Debian unstable.

I totally fail to understand this argument.  I am using Unstable
for my daily work since many years, and can not confirm this observation
of yours.  Yes, stable and its long release cycle is a totally
different matter, but I fail to see what you mean here exactly.

> Unstable is still at Gnome 2.14.  Unfortunately, there are
> accessibility bugs that make Gnome 2.14 not very usable.  The bugs
> are fixed in Gnome 2.16.

I've been told the reason why GNOME 2.16 did not make it into
unstable (and therefore etch) is that 2.16 has some bugs that 2.14 does
not have.  More details about this can probably be found out
on the debian-gnome-gtk mailing list...

> Probably the most important reason I don't spend much time lately trying
> to get my main stream Debian box running the latest Gnome and orca is
> that attitude I noticed from the main stream Debian developers.  They
> don't seem to consider accessibility bugs as important as the Ubuntu
> developers.

Again, could you please back this accusation up
with some facts?  Any links to bugreports were you were
treated inappropriately?

> Since access to my system requires a screen reader, I prefer to spend my
> time and effort on a Linux distro that considers accessibility
> important.

This last sentence really hurt me.  I am not sure if you
can follow why, but it is actually a slap in my face.  Actually, postings
like this make me consider stopping working for free, if
that is what one usually gets as feedback, I can very well
think of work that is much more rewarding.

>           Kenny
> On Mon, Dec 18, 2006 at 08:39:16AM +0100, Jan Buchal wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I would like briefly reply to frequent notice about Debian and
>> Accessibility.
>> The core idea in these notes was that most problems with Accessibility
>> (orca, gnomespeech...) is in Debian and that will be better if users
>> will use another Linux distribution.
>> That's sure not true. :-) Debian and other distribution not response for
>> quality of separate application. That gnomespeech has not any effective
>> log mechanism for example or that orca not works and shows some python
>> traceback only. It is nothing opposite to orca but I would like show
>> that problems are elsewhere. 
>> On Debian works many developers who works in their free time for others.
>> Sure all is not perfect in Debian as well as in another distributions.
>> Additional, many distributions are based on Debian.
>> I would like please all for understanding and accuracy.
>> Have you nice day
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