Re: GDM accessibility sans AT-SPI

Bill Haneman wrote:

Actually by "themed version" you are referring to branding-type themes; the existing gdmlogin screen DOES work quite well with accessibility-related themes, for instance large print, high contrast, inverse, etc. etc.

Right, but how many distros use that as their default? (I actually don't know, just that Ubuntu doesn't). As always I'm very eager to get solid accessibility solution in the _default_ installs. That's what people will encounter and what computer makers and organisations (schools, etc.) will be able to support. If you are banking on yesterday's technology to implement access technology you will only slide further behind in this respect.

I don't know what needs to be "fixed" in the current model.
Two things:

1. Currently it doesn't Just Work because you have to work through this long page to get it working:

Ideally the gnome project would sort that out so that it does just work, but failing that this is the kind of thing distros should take care of. It's probably not that difficult to do.

2. I does not work in the version of GDM *that everyone currently uses*. This is the real problem in my view. The result is that a disabled user would need to have his/her system reconfigured by a helper, and most likely someone with at least a working knowledge of desktop Linux. It should not be our working plan to settle for that second-rate solution.


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