GDM accessibility sans AT-SPI

Hi all,

Another controversial post to g-a ...

I'm currently looking at GDM accessibility and it strikes me that there is a strong case for doing this without using AT-SPI. The themed version currently does not work properly with the AT-SPI features and on the plain greeter version there is still a fair amount of configuration required.

Both the AT-SPI framework and the assistive apps are complex things that will need some work to get working Just Right at the login. It also takes some time to load. AT-SPI is great for global desktop access since adding access to every single app would be silly. However, GDM is *not a desktop app* and also has a simple and predictable interface so it makes sense to look at other options.

I've written a spec describing a login system with built-in access support.

This may not be the right way to go but I think we should consider it before starting work on fixing the current model.


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