Re: **Fwd: Re: Ubuntu Dapper Drake for AMD64 and speech

is with gnome-speech, which seems to have problems with Bonobo
activation on 64-bit Linux boxes. OpenSolaris doesn't suffer from the
64-bit oddities, so you might consider it, or you might just install a
32-bit Linux distribution on your 64-bit box until we figure out what's
going wrong with gnome-speech on a 64-bit Linux box. BTW, if you have a
good idea of what's going wrong with gnome-speech on 64-bit Linux boxes,
please feel free to help!

To me it awfully looks like one of those classical "don't convert a 32 bit int to a pointer" problems. After 20 minutes of debugging I quit when I discovered that I need to recompile a whole chain of interfaces to get debug output. Last thing I remember is that I saw a corba parameter conversion (marshalling) that looked ill-formed.


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