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On 17/08/06, Bill Haneman <Bill Haneman sun com> wrote:
I think the 'simple' or 'common' cases you are thinking about are mostly
text entry.  For text entry you are right that the 'normal' use of the
pointer (plus focus rejection logic) would work, but it would not work
"correctly" from the user's point of view for any keyboard navigation
features.  These inconsistencies are always going to be viewed as bugs
from the user's perspective, no matter how you explain them...

This is all true but we are far from a perfect solution at this point.
A couple of people have emailed me who use onboard/sok and say it's
useful to them in one capacity or another and none of them have even
noticed the menu bugs.

Keyboard are primarily used as text input devices.  Almost all other
functions can be handled by the pointer input including the menus.  If
the menus are too small a target to hit one possible work around would
be to increase the font size.

Allowing a user 100% control over their desktop using an OSK is
obviously the 'holy grail' that all OSK should hope eventially to
accomplish.  It is not however necessary in most cases.

Chris Jones

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