Re: GNOME Accessibility Team Meeting @ Boston Summit?

Great idea. Mozilla can send one or two people. I can be there.

- Aaron

Jeff Waugh wrote:
Hi everyone,

The Boston Summit [1] is coming up in early October, and I thought it might
be a good chance to bring together everyone working on GNOME accessibility,
to talk through common goals, differing solutions, and how to get all of us
on the same page and working to a master plan!

There will be a lot of GNOME folk at the summit, so it will be a very handy
environment to grab information from nearby experts, and get things done. I
think it'll be fun to be in Massachusetts, too... home of the Open Document
accessibility FUD debate. :-) Unfortunately, because the Boston Summit is a
low-budget event, the GNOME Foundation can't do any travel and accomodation
sponsorship, but I hope the idea and supporting rationale for this event is
enough to convince supporting companies and organisations to send all their
hackers to Boston. :-)

Sound good?

We need to choose a day for the meeting, and develop an agenda - please log
in to the wiki and add your suggestions. If there's enough support for this
idea, we can dedicate a room to it - it might be useful to nominate a chair
person to maintain the wiki page and run the meeting.


- Jeff


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