Re: KDE Accessibility - sorry, off topic.

Bill Haneman píše v St 16. 08. 2006 v 11:13 +0100:
> The KDE accessibility folks would certainly benefit from your experience
> and opinion in this matter.  I agree with you, but hearing it from an
> experienced end user is different from hearing it from me.

Hello Bill and others,

as far as I know about KTTSD, this is a mistundarstanding. The quotes
posted to this mailinglist were about making it easy for KDE
applications to use speech synthesis. There is not anything about
doing accessibility by hardcoding it in every application and I don't
think the site was suggesting that. As far as I know, KDE is looking
into using Orca as an accessibility screen reader.

There are many cases where using speech output in an application,
like using sound in the application, can make it better, totally
unrelated to accessibility. For example in a typing tutorial, speech
synthesis can be quite useful for faster learning. Or in any instant
messaging program for notifications or VOIP programs ("You have a new
message/call from ..."), or in an ebook reader, or in games for children
etc. Applications are only using sound, not speech, because using speech
is still too difficult and so it is a most legitimate goal of KTTS to
make it easier.

With regards,
Hynek Hanke

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