Various Orca and festival questions

Orca is now running. Actually, I think I may have gnopernicus functional also now too. However, I have some problems and questions.

1. Can I set up either gnopernicus or orca to start at gdm login instead of having to do alt-f2 and type the name? I'm leaning toward orca as I've gotten further than that than with gnopernicus. Braille is working. 2. When I run orca --setup, my only speech choices seem to be for dectalk which I don't have. Festival works from command line on my system so why doesn't orca see it? 3. Debian starts speech dispatcher automatically at boot. Should this be off and if so how do I keep it from starting at bootup? 4. I tried to install the sun java sdk and jre. Both hang forever while trying to create deploy.jar. Any idea what to do about this? I am using the self-extracting binary. I see there's some kind of bug in debian when using the java-package but didn't find anything about the problem when not using this and just trying to install the .bin files.

5. I also have a problem with gnome-speech. I do have a version of gnome-speech installed though I'm not sure which one is actually installed; I also have debian's libgnome-speech. However, when I tried to install a newer version of gnome-speech )tried 0.3.10 and 0.4.0) they both hang forever right after checking for javac and saying yes to that. Any idea what would cause this?

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