Re: Various Orca and festival questions

Cheryl Homiak píše v Po 14. 08. 2006 v 11:15 -0500:
> 3. Debian starts speech dispatcher automatically at boot. Should this  
> be off and if so how do I keep it from starting at bootup?

Hi Cheryl,

The running of Speech Dispatcher should not interfere with Gnome Speech
or other services on the system.

The automatic start happens through the /etc/rc scripts
and /etc/init.d/speech-dispatcher. One of the easiest ways
to temporarily turn off the automatic start of Speech Dispatcher in
Debian is to edit /etc/init.d/speech-dispatcher and put the line
	exit 0
at the very beginning of the file after the # comments.

If you want to just stop it to do some test, do
	/etc/init.d/speech-dispatcher stop

There is some experimental support for Speech Dispatcher for Orca
here and it might help you if you already have Speech Dispatcher and
Festival working
but this interface is still an experimental thing, so no guarantees :)

With regards,
Hynek Hanke

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