why is it ubuntu can't install on a disk last used by debian?

I'll find out more this weekend, but have a 120GB disk which had speakup-enabled debian installed on it I sacrificed for ubuntu. ubuntu though when given the boot command line of linux ks=http://cwelug.org/~rwcitek/ubuntu/ks.cfg at the end of a day hasn't written anything to that hard drive that boots properly. I have had grub errors with a larger drive of 18 and 22 respectively earlier but this is the same machine that debian disk was in and running perfectly well and talking yet grub just can't seem to get the job done with ubuntu 6.06 and I've used the accessible ubuntu release of that version. I verified nothing had written to the hard drive by using fdisk in slackware 10.2 and checking for a partition table and the disk was innocent of a partition table. I've checked that ks.cfg file ad nothing in it seems in the least way suspicious so for a little while I'm mystified. Later this weekend, a good friend who is a linux system administrator is coming over and we will find out much more about all of this once that happens. Whatever is learned I'll put up this weekend since I use drive sleds so can change out to a useable Linux disk quickly and update this list with what's found out.

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