Undesired slow-keys popup


I use the keyboard accessibility features, in
particular, Mouse Keys.  However, there is an
accessibility feature that I find particularly

If accessibility and Mouse Keys are enabled, and you
hold down the shift key for more than 8 seconds, a
popup appears, requesting:

   "Would you like to activate Slow Keys?"

When using certain applications, it is quite common to
hold the shift key or another key down for 8 seconds
during normal work, for multiple graphical item
selection, for example.  The unwanted appearance of
the Slow Keys dialog is quite annoying.  In addition
to its annoying presence, it causes the keyboard to
stop working in all applications until you press

I would recommend disabling this automatic popup, or
allowing the user to selectively disable it.  I think
the former solution is better, because if a user is
able to turn on keyboard accessibility he/she can also
turn on Slow Keys manually.

Thanks for considering this request.  Best regards,


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