Re: [g-a-devel] Festival will not work with gnome-speech 0.3.6.

I have now found at least a temporary work-around.

It is possible to set the server_access_list variable to allow only 
certain hosts to connect to the Festival server. This variable can be 
set in /usr/share/festival/festival.scm, at least on Ubuntu and Debian.

The variable is in fact set correctly to localhost, and very likely has 
been set that way from the beginning. However, something is preventing 
local clients from connecting.

When changing this variable's setting to either nil or 
localhost.localdomain, a successful connection to the server is 
possible. However, for security, the nil setting is certinly not an 

I don't yet know whether this is caused by something having been changed 
in another package, or a change in Festival between revision 13 and 16. 
I can certainly chace that up if people are interested however.

I thought I would share this all with you in case there is somebody else 
out there with the same problem.


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