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Hi �vind,

To echo what Dragan wrote, gnome-mag is a "magnification service". It does the magnification work, but has no real user interface (besides some command line options). It also doesn't know how to track the text caret or widget focus. For that you need an end-user client application, such as the Gnopernicus screen reader/magnifier, which will do a very nice job of driving gnome-mag.


Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

Dragan Sarbut wrote:
If you chose to work with gnome-mag, you should try using gnopernicus.
Gnopernicus is a client for gnome-mag and allows you to choose the
magnification level, mouse tracking mode , focus tracjking mode, etc.
Regards, Dragan

On Sat, 2005-02-05 at 23:26, �vind Lode wrote:

Hi all.

I'm computer and Linux enthusiast.
I decided to test Linux as Desktop OS and installed Fedora Core 3.

My problem is that I far from normal sighted so I need a magnifier to operate the desktop environment. I have been using Linux as server OS for a while now and I access my boxes through SSH from my windoze box using putty. In Windoze I have a great litte utility called Magnifier that I use to enlarge the text and the magnificated area pops up in a magnifier window that also follows the mouse pointer, text editing and it also follows the focus when I write this mail in Mozilla Thunderbird.

The Windows Magnifier that is built into MS Windows XP is also brilliant to use on a 2 screen solution - I then use the right screen as a large magnifer and the left screen for internet browsing, mail reading etc.

Now back to Linux.
I installed linux and as a workstation with GNOME and tried the magnifier but it was no good at all. This was a very huge disappointment because I had hoped that GNOME and Linux could offer a similar magnifer like MS windows that helps me a lot.

I could not even change the magnification level and I find the magnifier strange to the one in Windows XP. But I have heard that the GNOME magnifier is for 2 screen solutions only and on this pc I don't have 2 monitors...

Is there other magnifiers that I could try?
If someone of you are familiar with the magnifier in Windows XP and know of similar magnifiers for Linux I would be very thankful.

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