Re: detailed review of GOK

david bolter utoronto ca wrote:
It makes sense to me too, but we don't count Bill ;-)  We're too deep inside.
Well, exactly. Now that I've had it explained, I see it too, but I was wearing my no nonsense user advocate hat when writing that. I'm not trying to be unreasonably controversial, just question certain elements of the design. Of course a bit of controversy does get you on OSnews: :) Which IMO can only be good for our niche sector. I'll be having a go a Dasher next :)

The Sticky Keys is probably the least problematic of those dialogues, the main problem really was that you got 3 in a row which just makes it seem broken. Perhaps it could all be combined into a single information window (that would change depending on what was being displayed, obviously). I also agree that when Sticky Keys gets enabled the user should be notified.

I've just spoken with Colin Watson, our Installer, Live CD and UbuntuExpress guy, and we are looking at the possibility of having a boot option where you start the OS with AT support enabled by default. That should take care of some more of these issues.
I confirm the problems faced with using the system core pointer. Overcoming the
problems has caused a great deal of developer pain. Henrik, if you and ubuntu
could help improve the gok feedback (dialog) -- to make it less confusing that
would be very welcome.
Sure, I'll do some initial sketching of ideas and then pass it around for feedback.

btw, is there any documentation on how to write custom keyboard layouts. That's also something I'd like to have a look at doing.

- Henrik

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