Re: detailed review of GOK

Bill Haneman wrote:
Thanks for that detailed review. I do agree that many of your problems seem to have stemmed from integration/configuration issues, or missing understanding of some issues unique to GOK.
That's probably true. So this process will help us at Ubuntu to configure GOK better and possible help the GOK project present the configuration of options in a way that is simpler for users to understand.
In a number of cases, there are dependencies which no client program attempting to do what GOK is doing can avoid. StickyKeys is a case in point; it is not technically feasible to implement sticky-keys-like functionality in the client alone.
Is that because we are talking about a very general implementation that can feed any key combination (Ctrl-Alt-X) to any part of the desktop? I guess just providing for upper case ( and [ * & etc.) would be easier (but not as useful).
Likewise, it is not technically possible to make a reliable point-and-click onscreen keyboard using the system core pointer, using today's X server and widget toolkits.
Hm. I seem to remember using GTKeyboard some time ago on a tablet PC with much less fuss. I think that is GTK1 though, and probably won't compile with Gnome 2.

- Henrik

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