GTK Press / Release button callback function called multiple times

GNOME Accessibility a great work !!! Thanks to all the members who has worked and made this a powerful one. Without this great work, our project will not be in there. We are doing a project called LDTP (Linux Desktop Testing Project). Initial framework is being done by a team of 4 people. Still lot more needs to be done.


I have few queries; GTK Press / Release button callback function called multiple times, which takes lot of CPU resource. Just clicking mouse on menu / menu item takes at-least 3 to 5 seconds on Pentium IV 2.x GHz processor, with 1 GB RAM and my call back function is called multiple times. I tried with just registering 'mouse:button' function, with which resource is not used much, but I'm not getting the information like on which menu / menu item, click event occurs. Can somebody help us to solve this issue ? Is this a known issue and Is there any work around ? I googled, but I didn't get any result on this except


Nagappan A <anagappan novell com>
Novell Software Development (I) Pvt. Ltd.

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