gnopernicus and brltty problems

Hi all
I'm using gnopernicus 0.8.4, brltty 3.5pre3. I've got the brlapi set up
and have a /etc/brlapi-key file that is readable by all. However, I can't
get gnopernicus to communicate with it. I have
export CONTROLVT=7
in my .bash_profile and, indeed, the variable is set and my X console is
7. However, gnopernicus says "braille device cannot be initialized" and on
the X status console, I get:
brl_open_device: open device failed
** BRAILLE initialization failed for BRLTTY on port 1
   To change one or more settings use gnopernicus UI
	I'm obviously missing something in setting this up--it used to
work fine with gnopernicus 0.7.1 in gnome 2.4. Is there something else I
have to do?

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