Re: GOK symbols above number keys?

Hi Ed:

I have taken the liberty of replying to the gnome-accessibility-list, since that's where we try and have troubleshooting discussions.

First of all, can you tell us what versions of GOK and GNOME you are using? We believe that the current latest versions of GOK don't exhibit the problem you report, but there are many variables to consider. It may be that an updated GOK will solve your problems.

You might also wish, once we track the issue down a bit, to consult, where we do our bug tracking and fixing.

The GOK sources are available from (momentarily down I believe), anoncvs anoncvs gnome org, and

Also, note that you can construct custom keyboards for your students, or they can learn to do it themselves if they have inclinations towards elementary computer science. If you want hints on that we'll be happy to help, perhaps you can help us improve our documentation!

best regards,


Ed Montgomery wrote:
Hello! :-) I'm a computer science teacher at Monarch Park Collegiate, (using Linux for all of my courses), and I've been using GOK with a couple of physically handicapped students. They generally like the interface, however, they have shown me that they are unable to use the symbols such as ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) , etc. on the keyboard (symbols above the number keys). These symbols apparently don't appear, and it seems even if they use the shift key, nothing happens. Is it possible that I just have it misconfigured? Also, we have discovered that the GOK does not work when using a 3d modelling, animation program known as Blender. Any ideas on how I can perhaps solve these problems? Is there somewhere where I can download and look at the source code? (Incidentally, the students have very limited movement, confined to motorized wheel chairs, and only able to use a mouse in a limited way.)

And by the way, thanks very much for such a great application. :-)

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