Yesterday I attempted to run Gnopernicus on a completely different
system, and am still experiencing the exact same odd UTF8-related

Both boxen are Debian, one unstable, one nearly so. I tried installing
the GNOME 2.6 packages in debian/experimental on the laptop
(unstable), then complemented those with yesterday's
gnome-speech/gail/at-spi/gnopernicus CVS heads. Here is the
.xsession-errors from the new box:

gnopernicus-Message: speech initialization succeded

(srcore:30210): gnopernicus-WARNING **: Failed set data.

(srcore:30210): gnopernicus-WARNING **: Text contains invalid UTF-8
I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/usr/local/stow/gnopernicus//share/gnopernicus/presentation/%0B%85%06%08%FD=%06%08%E8%FA%FF%BF&%0C%05%08%01.xml"

gnopernicus-ERROR **: File "/usr/local/stow/gnopernicus//share/gnopernicus/presentation/\u000b\x06\u0006\u0008\x3d=\u0006\u0008\xfa\xff\xbf\x26&\u000c\u0005\u0008\u0001.xml" cannot be parsed.


(gnopernicus:30198): gnopernicus-WARNING **: srcore exited.

The FS corruption was a possibility on the desktop, as I'm running an
ancient install of ReiserFS that has been giving me issues, but this
isn't as likely on the lappy which is both a recent install and
running ext3.

Both boxen are experiencing both gnopernicus crashes, depending on
whether 0.7 or 0.8 is being used. If any gnopernicus developers would
like a test account on my box to see what odd combination of libraries
and such are causing these crashes, do let me know and I'd be happy to
set one up. I've been doing some GTK development recently, and these
crashes have effectively brought said development to a halt, so I'm
understandably eager to resolve them. :)


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