Re: trying to get speech working with slackware 9.1

Hi Andrew
You will very likely have to re-compile gnome-speech, as Slackware's gnome-speech doesn't have any other drivers compiled other than festival. I suggest you go to the Slackware FTP site, and grab the tarball and the build script for gnome-speech, and use that.



At 02:00 AM 25/03/2004, Andrew Meravi NJFB wrote:
I am trying to get the speech to work with slackware 9.1 in gnopernicus. This version of slackware comes bundled with gnopernicus 0.7.0, gnome speech and all of it's dependencies, supposedly. I can start up gnopernicus and the magnifier and braille seem to work ok, but when i go into the # 1 option for startup mode in gnopernicus, the speech option says it is unavailable. I figured the first thing I should check is if Gnome Speech is working correctly...but after searching through the directories on the system, I have yet to find it. Can anyone give me an idea of where I should be checking for gnome speech. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! I am a linux newbie and getting a bit frustrated! Replies can be sent directly to <mailto:ameravi njffb org>ameravi njffb org or to the list.

Thanks in advance,


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