Re: On high contrast mode and themes

On Tue, 2004-03-16 at 01:21, Billy Biggs wrote:

>   Is this something available now?  Related to this (and here's my
> unknowledge of Gtk+ themes), I noticed that the HighContrast theme
> redefines stock icons.  How do I follow along with my application's own
> icons?  Do I explicitly support the 'HighContrast' theme as the
> one-true-standard HC theme, draw high contrast versions of all of my
> icons, and use some RC API magic?  What is the correct thing to do?

If you mean should your application do something special when it notices
that the HighContrast theme is selected, then the answer is generally
'no'-- an well-written application should be completely theme-agnostic,
and allow the GNOME/gtk theming mechanisms take care of the presentation
of widgets and icons in an appropriate fashion.


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