On high contrast mode and themes

  I am trying to understand accessibility issues relating to Gtk themes.
Part of my motivation is an eclipse bug [1].  I probably just do not
understand Gtk+ themes, but my concerns seem more appropriate for
gnome-accessibility-list than gtk-list.

  Accessibility themes such as 'high contrast' or 'large print' are
conceptually different from themes which are purely user preferences:
they're trying to achieve a goal.  It seems like it may be important for
this intention to be available to the application so that it can make
intelligent layout systems or apply alternate styles to its widgets.
For example, shutting off background pixmaps of certain widgets in high
contrast modes.

  Is this something available now?  Related to this (and here's my
unknowledge of Gtk+ themes), I noticed that the HighContrast theme
redefines stock icons.  How do I follow along with my application's own
icons?  Do I explicitly support the 'HighContrast' theme as the
one-true-standard HC theme, draw high contrast versions of all of my
icons, and use some RC API magic?  What is the correct thing to do?

  Thanks for your patience,

 [1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=51582

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