Re: GOK producec a segmentation fault when starting

Hello David,

On Tuesday 09 March 2004 15:17, David Bolter wrote:
> Gunnar Schmi Dt wrote:
> > [...]
> > If I start GOK from a terminal (I have used konsole), everything works
> > as expected, the pressed keys are inserted e.g. into the line edit of
> > KMouth, although KMouth currently does not support AT-SPI.
> >
> > If I start GOK without a terminal (e.g., if I press (with KDE) Alt+F2,
> > then type gok, or if GOK gets started together with KDE), the pressed
> > keys get lost. Is this problem known? If yes, is there a solution
> > available?
> Gunnar, can you confirm that gok does not have focus (i.e. another
> target application has an active looking title bar) when you are
> testing?  (And of course the pressed letters should appear in the target
> app)

The target application is KMouth, it has the active titlebar and if I type 
with the real keyboard (i.e., not through GOK) the keystrokes are handled 
correctly (I can type into the text-input field). Only the keystrokes from 
GOK get lost (if GOK was started without a terminal).

Gunnar Schmi Dt

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