Re: gnopernicus under garnome -- need help

On Sun, 18 Jan 2004 00:37:21 +0100, Nath wrote:

> Hi Jack and all,
> Jack, have you finally find a solution to your problem ? I ask you
> because I encounter exactly the same problem with garnome-0.29.1 +
> gnopernicus 0.7.1 + gnome-speech 0.3. I want to build the DECtalk
> driver. DECtalk libraries are installed in /usr/local/lib and DECtalk .h
> files are in /usr/local/include/dtk

Hello Nath,

Here's where I am so far: someone suggested off-list that I start
with garnome-0.27.1, which represents a stable version of Gnome 2.4,
whereas garnome-0.29.1 is more "bleeding edge" Gnome 2.5.2.

garnome-0.27.1 has gnopernicus-0.7.0 and gnome-speech-0.2.7.  These
compiled for me and worked with my existing festival.

I then upgraded to gnopernicus-0.7.1 and gnome-speech-0.2.8, which also

Both these versions give me some of the same freeze-up problems that
others have mentioned.  Some of the problems are listed in the
bugzilla and may be fixed in CVS at least.

I haven't yet been able to get gnopernicus-0.7.3 to work with
festival.  It seems to require a newer version of at-spi, and possible
other dependencies like libgail-gnome.  So I've posed a related question
on the accessibility-devel list.

>In garnome I can't use the ./configure script with the --with-dectalk-dir
Why not?  If you do this:
	cd garnome-src/gnome/gnome-speech/work/main.d/gnome-speech-0.x.y
	./configure --with-dectalk-dir=/usr/local

Do you get an error?


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