Re: gnopernicus under garnome -- need help


Newer gnopernicus requires a later version of gnome-speech. You may want to confirm that your garnome gnopernicus build did not complain about gnome-speech versions.

- Bill

Subject: gnopernicus under garnome -- need help
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 18:16:17 -0800

I have gnopernicus-0.7.0 working with festival on Fedora.  But I
want to use garnome as a testbed for newer versions of gnopernicus
without messing up my Fedora install.

I've  built garnome-0.29.1 with gnopernicus-0.7.1 and -0.7.3. However upon
startup srcore reports "speech initialization failed." And test-speech doesn't find the festival driver. I can run festival from the
command line in a garnome session, and it works fine.

So how do I get my garnome gnopernicus/gnome-speech to see the
already-installed festival?

Thanks for any help,

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