Re: Gnopernicus and FreeTTS

Hi, to get FreeTTS working with gnopernicus here is what you do.

1. Download the freetts tarball from
2. Download the j2sdk 1.4.2 from
3. Get a copy of the gnome-speech sources.
4. Install the j2sdk rpm.
5. Extract the freetts tarball to ashared location such as
6. Copy the file from the freetts directory into your home directories.
7. Extract the gnome-speech sources.
8. Run configure passing the --prefix option to the pace where your gnome binaries are, and tell it the freetts directory is so it can link with freetts. 9. Assuming everything was correctlydone in steps 1-8 all you need to do is run make and make install to get gnome-speech installed. 10. Last, from gnopernicus go to preferences, speech, voices, absolute voices, to change the freetts driver and voice.

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