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You don't have to rebuild gnopernicus; it's the "gnome-speech"
package/module that you need to rebuild for FreeTTS.
Once you successfully build a free-tts-capable version of
gnome-speech, gnopernicus should be able to find its voices
in the list of available voices.  I believe the gnopernicus docs
have details on how to change the voice used for a particular
speech presentation, and for changing the default voice used for
_all_ presentation.  Changing the global voice settings is almost
certainly what you want to do, instead of changing the details of
individual presentation strings' voices.

FreeTTS is available in binary form (from more than one place I think,
but certainly from from )

It requires a recent Java virtual machine and developer kit, available
from free of charge. I don't believe that a suitable version of
Java is provided with Fedora.

- Bill

you said:


I have successfully been able to use Festival with Gnopernicus
on Fedora Core 1.

Now I want to use FreeTTS, but there's a little showstopper:

I'm using binary versions of Gnopernicus, so compiling
--with-freetts-dir is not very useable to get it working.

OK, I'm not _that_ lazy, I will compile if I have to, but I
was actually more looking for a RPM package of FreeTTS.

Which I could not find. But FreeTTS comes in binary version,
so I should in theory be able to use it with Gnopernicus
right now.

Is there any HOWTO anywhere that describes using FreeTTs and

If not, how do I use the binary FreeTTS with Gnopernicus?

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