Re: Gnopernicus and FreeTTS

Is the free tts a better speech synth than the Festival?

KenOn Fri, 9 Jan 
2004, Thomas Ward wrote:

> Hi, to get FreeTTS working with gnopernicus here is what you do.
> 1. Download the freetts tarball from
> 2. Download the j2sdk 1.4.2 from
> 3. Get a copy of the gnome-speech sources.
> 4. Install the j2sdk rpm.
> 5. Extract the freetts tarball to ashared location such as
>  /opt/FreeTTS/.
> 6. Copy the file from the freetts directory into your  
> home directories.
> 7. Extract the gnome-speech sources.
> 8. Run configure passing the --prefix option to the pace where your  
> gnome binaries are, and tell it the freetts directory is so it can link  
> with freetts.
> 9. Assuming everything was correctlydone  in steps 1-8 all you need to  
> do is run make and make install to get gnome-speech installed.
> 10. Last, from gnopernicus go to preferences, speech, voices, absolute  
> voices, to change the freetts driver and voice.
> Hth.
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