Gnopernicus and FreeTTS


I have successfully been able to use Festival with Gnopernicus
on Fedora Core 1.

Now I want to use FreeTTS, but there's a little showstopper:

I'm using binary versions of Gnopernicus, so compiling
--with-freetts-dir is not very useable to get it working.

OK, I'm not _that_ lazy, I will compile if I have to, but I
was actually more looking for a RPM package of FreeTTS.

Which I could not find. But FreeTTS comes in binary version,
so I should in theory be able to use it with Gnopernicus
right now.

Is there any HOWTO anywhere that describes using FreeTTs and

If not, how do I use the binary FreeTTS with Gnopernicus?

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T |   /\\ Runar Ingebrigtsen /iTet AS
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