Re: state of Gnome usability was Re: Mozilla accesssibility site restructured

�I have to agree with Cheryl and Kenny also. At this
pointGnome-Gnopernicus is of interest only to testers and developers - and
i'm a developer. I'll soon set it up for testing, but I'll stick to
console mode for all serious work in Linux.


On Wed, 18 Aug 2004, Cheryl Homiak wrote:

> I have to agree with Kenny.
> Every time i try using gnome/gnopernicus, it's more trouble and less 
> production than it's worth. No this isn't a gripe: I understand that 
> gnopernicus is still in development stages and what you see is what you 
> get, and I very much 
> appreciate all the work that's being done. but to defend it as usable by 
> most end-users is really stretching it at this point. I'm not a programmer 
> either, but I don't mind playing with things, working on things, trying to 
> get them to work to a certain extent. In linux, of course, more of your 
> average end-users are of this type than perhaps is true of windows, but 
> there are many linux users even who won't bother with something if it 
> doesn't compile right away (if they have to compile it) or doesn't give 
> them productive results very quickly. No, i'm not a steady gnopernicus 
> user; I don't have enough disk space to have something on my computer that 
> I don't yet find invaluable. Every once in a while I go through installing 
> it and see what the state is and each time so far I've said: "No, I'm not 
> ready to use this." I still have much quicker and greater success via the 
> command line/console and supplementing that with freedombox than with 
> anything in gnome. Again, this isn't a gripe since it's in development, 
> but I wouldn't go trying to "sell" it as Windows competition just yet.
> I'm not on mozilla-accessibility right now, so didn't include that list on 
> my post.

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