Re: state of Gnome usability was Re: Mozilla accesssibility site restructured

I have to agree with Kenny.
Every time i try using gnome/gnopernicus, it's more trouble and less production than it's worth. No this isn't a gripe: I understand that gnopernicus is still in development stages and what you see is what you get, and I very much appreciate all the work that's being done. but to defend it as usable by most end-users is really stretching it at this point. I'm not a programmer either, but I don't mind playing with things, working on things, trying to get them to work to a certain extent. In linux, of course, more of your average end-users are of this type than perhaps is true of windows, but there are many linux users even who won't bother with something if it doesn't compile right away (if they have to compile it) or doesn't give them productive results very quickly. No, i'm not a steady gnopernicus user; I don't have enough disk space to have something on my computer that I don't yet find invaluable. Every once in a while I go through installing it and see what the state is and each time so far I've said: "No, I'm not ready to use this." I still have much quicker and greater success via the command line/console and supplementing that with freedombox than with anything in gnome. Again, this isn't a gripe since it's in development, but I wouldn't go trying to "sell" it as Windows competition just yet. I'm not on mozilla-accessibility right now, so didn't include that list on my post.


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