Re: Proposed patch for speech problems

Hi Padraig,

I deleted an empty line by mistake from first patch. I also missed the error 
message when I checked. Sorry about that. The new patch is attached.

First change in _speech/libsrs/srs-gs.c_ is fix for bug 150377.
Second change in _speech/libsrs/srs-gs.c_ is part of fix for 150261.

Change in _speech/libsrs/srs-speech.c_ is fix for 150048.

First change in _speech/libsrs/srs-xml.c_ is fix for 149408.
Second change in _speech/libsrs/srs-xml.c_ is for 150261

Changes in _srcore/srspc.c_ are for 150261 and (I suppose) 150279.

Do I need to create a new tarball as Bill has suggested? Let me know if this 
is necessary.


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