problems starting gnopernicus

I'm trying to get gnome and gnopernicus up and going after several months of not using it. I am running debian unstable and using the nightly tarball of garnome which I downloaded yesterday. The version in the gnopernicus Makefile says 0.9.6 and the version in the gnome-speech file says 0.3.3. Everything appeared to compile fine. When I try to run it braille initialization with brltty apparently fails and one is advised to change setting with the gnopernicus gui, which I might be able to do if I could at least get speech running.. However my setting according to gconf-tool-2 should be ok. Speech on the other hand supposedly succeeds but I never get any speech. There also seems to be some confusion as to whether the accessibility key starts with /desktop or with /apps; I have examples that show it both ways.
1. what could be the problem?
2. Is there any place one can find current samples of what should go in one's .xinitrc and .gnome2/session-manual. I have two examples here: one from the brltty documentation and one that I was given--I think it came off of a website that is no longer running--and I'm wondering if there have been changes. 3. I see in the brltty documentation that there are "command line" options for setting the keys. Does this mean they can be used in one of the files rather than using the gconf formulas.


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