Re: Continuing Gnome Woes

Hi all,

Rich Caloggero wrote:
> I've built everything multiple times, using garnome.  How do I find out the version of garnome, if it in deed has a version?  

Kenny Hitt wrote:
> Hi.  I never got garnome to build, so I can't help with garnome.
> I use the Gnome 2.6 available in Debian unstable and Gentoo ~x86.

I am in the process of installing Gnopernicus on a new HD (so I could use any Linux distribution suitable). What is the recommended path to have the newest Gnopernicus? Debian packages are quite old, I never succeeded with SuSE, and garnome ... well, I didn't make it.

The closest I could come was with Debian, but then during the compile I had two errors: that a specific package was too old, _and_ that this package was too new. Huh? I gave up. Maybe I have to revive my UltraSparc and try Gnopernicus on Solaris?



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