Re: Continuing Gnome Woes

Hi.  I never got garnome to build, so I can't help with garnome.
I use the Gnome 2.6 available in Debian unstable and Gentoo ~x86.
When you lost speech, did the computer running gnopernicus beep?
If so, then gnopernicus crashed.  Even if you didn't hear the beep, it
sounds like gnopernicus crashed and left the gnome-speech 
processes running.  Even when I end a Gnome session normally I have to use
bonobo-slay to kill off the gnome-speech processes.  The next time you
loose speech, try pressing alt-f2 and typing srcore <enter>.  Speech
should return until the next crash.
The help buttons in Gnome haven't provided anything useful since I 
started trying to use Gnome 2.2 early last year.
There is a bug filed about not having access to the help system, but it 
isn't considered high priority by the developers.  I justsearched and can't find the bug report now.  Guess someone
should file it again.

I can get some feedback from Mozilla, but still nothing useful.
Strangely enough, I can get better access to a web page using lynx
in a gnome terminal.  Of course, I don't get as much access to lynx
with Gnopernicus as I do running lynx in a text console with speakup
or yasr.  If you need access to Mozilla in Linux, Freedombox is
a working solution.  It is a stand alone app, so you will only get
access to Mozilla.  They are a commercial company with a yearly
subscription fee for their service.  To learn more, go to

Are you asking how to start Gnome on a regular basis or how to start
Gnome for the first time?  Once I have it set up, I start Gnome on
my Debian box by logging in from gdm.  I start Gnome on my Gentoo box 
using startx from a text console.  I don't know how you are supposed
to start Gnome for the first time now because the procedure seems to 
have changed during the last year.  Usually I start a Gnome session for
the first time with no feedback.  I press alt-f2 and type gnopernicus
<enter>.  The system will tell you to enable accessibility.  The
speech is verry fast, so you will need to use the tab key to switch
buttons until you can figure out which one you are selecting.  Once you
select yes to enable accessibility, you will be asked to close the session.
You have to restart the session for the settings to take effect.
When you start the Gnome session for the second time, you will have to 
start Gnopernicus to get speech.  I have a session-manual file in my 
~/.gnome2 directory to have Gnopernicus start automatically.
If you have a hardware synth on com1 don't select the enable screen reader
option in the accessibility menu.  If you do, Gnopernicus will trash
your synth.  It appears that option will start Gnopernicus with options
for a braille display from the same people who write Gnopernicus on com1.
It will do this even if you have already configured Gnopernicus for
no braille.

Hope this helps.
On Tue, Aug 03, 2004 at 05:07:46PM -0400, Rich Caloggero wrote:
> I've just got back to evaluating gnome after a much needed break.
> gnopernicus: 0.9.6
> gnome-speech: 0.3.3
> I've built everything multiple times, using garnome.  How do I find out the version of garnome, if it in deed has a version?  
> I've found various problems compiling and had to get later versions of things than initially specified in the Makefiles for each component. I don't remember now, but I ultimately recompiled everything in the garnome/boot directory and the platform directory.  I still haven't gotten balsa to compile and mozilla compiled but gives no feedback at all when run except for menus.  None of the help buttons in gnopernicus or other gnome windows produce anything I can read.
> Aside from these problems, I get the following behaviors consistently:
> 1. After about 10 minutes, all speech ceases.
> 2. When this happens, I switch back to my windows screen reader and from my PTY session, examine the running processies. I find 5 dectalk processies running and 2 festival processes running.  Is this normal?
> 2. Things are very slow.  I'm running rh9 on a pentium (p3 perhaps but not sure) running at aprox. 500mhz. It takes about half a second to simply move to the next icon or list item in nautalis and read it. Is this normal?
> 3. Could someone detail the startup procedure - i.e. how to start gnome? We installed rh9 with x-windows support enabled.  Where do I put my bash commands to initialize the environment and start gnome.  What I did is to put the following in .xsession in my home dir:
> source ~/bin/
>      exec $GARNOME/bin/gnome-session
> The script just sets variables like path and ld_library_path etc. Here's its source:
>      #!/bin/sh
>      GARNOME=$HOME/garnome
> export GARNOME
>      PATH=$GARNOME/bin:$PATH
>      PYTHONPATH=$GARNOME/lib/python2.2/site-packages
>      PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$GARNOME/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/lib/pkgconfig
>      GDK_USE_XFT=1
> GTK_MODULES='gail:atk-bridge'
>  export      XDG_DATA_DIRS
> I'm frustrated beyond belief. I'm going to throw away everything and rebuild the entire tree again. It'll take about 8 hours to compile everything, and if nothing goes wrong, should be able to test again tomorrow.  
> -- Rich

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