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I'd like to introduce you to Steven (srbaker pobox com) who has, as I understand it, already deployed GOK on kiosks. He might be a good resource. Steven, I hope you don't mind.

Michel, I'll also comment below:

Michel Szybist wrote:

It's been a couple of days I'm trying GOK, in order to use it in an
Internet kiosk access environment.

Yes, it's not (only) about making things easier for disabled people,
it's for everyone. But, yes, I'd really like to contribute to this
project, by developing things I need, hoping they will be usefull for

We applaud the goal of GOK useful to everyone. There are many roles GOK can play in the world of computer input.

I have programming skills that should be sufficient for that purpose,
although I was playing with Java recently, not C/C++ (i's been quite a
while in fact ;-).

Java can make you a better C programmer. But you might be more frustrated with C now. Don't forget to watch for memory leaks! ;-)

By the way, sorry for my english, it's not my mother tongue ;-)

First, let me expose the things I need and that I haven't found in GOK
(yet) :
- complete customization of the keyboard GUI : icons for the keys,
colors, window background, title bar, etc.

Some of this is configurable. Unfortunately some of it must be hand coded in the gok.rc file. We do have keys with icons. Keyboards can be created or modified through (creation of or) editing the * files.

- allow GOK to handle every kind of chars, including asian or arabic
like symbols (display them & type them),

GOK is localizable and has been translated into other languages. Please see for some evidence of this.

- allow GOK to "type" several chars at once (at one single key
activation) Exemple : a key with "http://"; on it would type "http://";
in the appropriate field.

This is a current feature.

Second, things I haven't found, but that undoubtly exists :
- command line (or file) configuration of all the GOK parameters (there
is very very few doc about GOK !)

Try "gok --help" to see what we currently have. If you need more - we can lead you in the right direction.

- allow GOK to "type" special chars like '@', french chars,... (I was
not successful with that for now :-(

This should be working... What version of gok are you using?
"gok --version"

That's it for now...

So, of course, I have a couple of questions :
- Does GOK already offer things I mention ?

Mostly -- I think.

- If not, what is the best way to learn how GOK is architectured and
try to develop on it ?

Our documentation is lacking in this respect, but I'd be happy to talk further about this.

- What IDE do people use generally in developing GOK ? etc.

I use Anjuta, and highly recommend it.

- Who could help me in :
 1) Getting familiar with GOK code and teach me the basics of
developing GOK, its dependencies, its architecture and philosophy,

I'm happy to help. Bill H, is comaintainer and is often able to help even though he is really busy.

 2) Help me to write things the best way possible to easily integrate
things I'll write, with GOK source tree (if ever, and if they're

We make heavy use of gnome bugzilla for gok:

This is where we post issues, talk about issues, propose source code changes (patch), and resolve issues.


That's it : if I get no answer to this post, that would mean my
approach is bad, and I'll change it ! ;-)

Great approach!

As I mentioned, I work for a private company, which has a commercial
goal. But my personnal motivation is not only to do my work the best I
can : I'd also like to contribute to GOK, which I find one of the most
usefull and concrete project I've seen.

This is fine as long as you pay careful attention to the fact that GOK is a LGPL project.

This is possibly compatable with your goals. Please continue to ask questions and explore GOK.


David Bolter
GOK maintainer

Hoping to get news from you, people from the list,


Michel Szybist
2004 szybist net

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