Re: string-freeze exception request: add translated strings to GOK

On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 00:11, Christian Rose wrote:
> > Sure, no problem.  I just don't want them to get forgotten :-)
> That's why we have Bugzilla. Is this issue in a report somewhere?

It is now ;-) - we don't in general have separate bugs for every
translation-markup issue. 

> > > I don't see why these messages need to be different.
> >
> > Hmm, ok, the difference is meaningful for diagnostic purposed (one is
> > failure of the XKB extension generally, one is failure of a specific XKB
> > API).
> I don't really see how one added exclamation mark and newline signifies
> that difference to the user?!

The exclamation/newline change was not worth the bother, thanks for
noting that.  I was referring to the "can't read geometry" versus "can't
find xkb extension" issues.  We can make do with two strings, and one of
them can be the already-existing one (i.e. omit the punctuation).

> > There's a long note to the translators in the preceding comment.  Isn't
> > that supposed to get merged into the po files by intltool?
> Oh, sorry, I missed the big comment, I obviously didn't see it in the
> patch.
> Just one note though; any comments that gettext should extract and that
> translators need to see should be immediately preceding the message.
> I.e. empty or non-empty lines between the end of the comment and the
> start of the message won't work AFAIK.
I figured as much.  The reason they aren't adjacent now is the addition
of the 'FIXME i18n' comment.  
> > When will the GTP folks be looking at 2.5?  One motivation was to get
> > the string exposed to the translators ASAP.
> As soon as we have the new status pages code and/or create new pages
> showing 2.6 modules. I don't know which needs to be coming first, but
> we'll have them soon(tm).

ok.  If the translation team (and release team) want to punt this to 2.6
we will of course; we'd just then have to decide whether to branch now
or keep the relevant patches in bugzilla for awhile.

If OTOH you want us to try and fix GOK i18n on the 2.4 branch, let us
know (and we'll use the exception process for patch requests).


> Christian

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